Understanding House Account Statements

To begin, it is important to note that some settings can change the view of the house account statements from the golfer's dashboard.

To access your House Account, login to your chronogolf.com account and then click on My Account on the top right. Select House Account.

From here, you'll see the opening and closing balances for each of the months you've had a house account. To see more information on a given month, click on the line of the statement. See below for reference:

Once you've click on the statement, you'll be able to see a list of transactions made throughout the month.

If you see the Reference number in blue, this means you can click on the number and see a detailed version of the charge.

You can click on each of the lines to see a detailed breakdown of each of the charges for the month.

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Making House Account Payments

How do I pay my house account online?

Understanding House Account Statements

Member house account statements from the golfer's dashboard.

Where do I send my payment to?

Please mail payments or call us to setup ACH or Auto-charge today!


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